Register Office Weddings

If you choose to get married in a register office it is a less expensive option but can still be really nice. These ceremonies last up to 30 minutes and can take place in any area as long as you give notice, in person, to your local registrar. You need to book the register office in no less than 17 days and no more than 12 months before the wedding day. You will both need to provide evidence of your name, age and marital status and nationality. At your wedding you will need at least two witnesses just like a church ceremony. Costs to get married in a register office are roughly £94. It is a good idea to ask ahead about music because sometimes because of time and space restrictions in register offices, live music is not allowed or even recorded music. Your registrar must approve any music selections. The basic legal vows for register office marriages are very brief but you can ask the registrar about possible additions or alterations to make it more personal to you.