Best Man

We all have our own ideas about what it means to be the ‘Best’ Man. This may involve embarrassing the stag at his ‘do, or it may involve perfecting a well-timed and engaging speech for the wedding day. Nonetheless, there are a finite number of duties which the Best Man has been traditionally held responsible for. As such, there is a special page devoted to the duties of the Best Man in this section of the website – In fact, it wouldn’t do any harm to email this link to your Best Man every now and again, just to check he hasn’t forgotten any of his responsibilities!

Choosing your Best Man is not usually a conscious decision – the Groom’s best friend usually wins the title by default! However, there may be some scenarios where picking the Best Man is not necessarily a straight-forward decision. Some Grooms prefer to choose their brother or their father, for example. Also, a Groom with lots of close friends may be wary of potentially offending others when choosing their Best Man, and so they might delay this decision for until nearer to the wedding. It is fine to allow yourself time to make the right decision, so long as the decision does not become a last-minute one.

Remember, the Best Man has quite a responsible role in the wedding, so it would be better to choose the ‘sober designated driver’ type mate, rather than the ‘party mad’ mate for this important role. Also, it may be advisable to pick a Best Man who gets on well with the Chief Bridesmaid, as they are likely to be liaising quite a lot throughout the wedding.

The opportunity of being someone’s Best Man is generally perceived as a huge honour and a lot of fun, so there’s no danger of being unable to fill this special seat. The only question is, who will he be?