Popular Honeymoon Destinations

Popular Honeymoon Destinations


Planning your honeymoon can be one of the most enjoyable parts of planning your wedding. It is the first time that you will enjoy a holiday or short break as husband and wife. Honeymoons can be quite varied but many travel operators offer dedicated honeymoon packages to help make your experience all the more inclusive. They don’t always need to involve a beach and plenty of sun and sand. Use your imagination and discuss where you both wish to visit and what activities you would like to partake in.

Popular honeymoon destinations include:

The Caribbean

One of the most popular sun, sand and sea honeymoon destinations has to be the Caribbean. With plenty of Islands to choose from, copious amounts of sandy beaches and beautiful tropical surroundings, it is easy to see why it is chosen by many couples as their go to destination. Although popular with couples who want a relaxing break, there is also plenty to do here including snorkelling, sailing and even adventure climbing!


Canada is fast becoming a popular choice among honeymooners, with many opting for a multiple location break taking in some of the sights of the USA. With a more moderate climate, Canada can give you so much choice when it comes to activities including sightseeing across the mountains and visiting national parks or forests. The Niagara Falls is always a worthwhile attraction to visit and you can even book a romantic helicopter flight with a bottle of bubbly!

The Maldives

Considered as the ultimate dream destination, the Maldives is the perfect getaway for couples who like the idea of spending their break together in an intimate, beautiful location. Private bungalows that are set upon the water are available to give you a stunning view when you wake up in the morning. This honeymoon is the best for couples who want to take it easy, enjoy each other’s company and unwind with spa treatments.

Far East

For couples who love to explore, the Far East holds a wealth of activities perfect for an active honeymoon. Not only can you view white powdery beaches and resorts but explore multi cultural cities, rainforests and temples. A popular honeymoon destination in the Far East is Beijing, where you can visit the Forbidden City or the Temple of Heaven.


When it comes to booking your honeymoon, don’t forget that Britain holds some magical places to visit. Visit north Scotland or Edinburgh for an authentic Scottish experience with haggis, Scottish breakfasts and breathtaking scenery or for something a little warmer, a little cottage in Devon will make a lovely “home away from home” for a week or two.

No matter where you choose for your honeymoon destination, enjoy spending some relaxing, quality time together after the months of hectic wedding planning.

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