Marquee Wedding

When you think of “marquee” do you straight away imagine that you need bright sunny weather to have one? Living in the UK this can never be guaranteed. Well, yes it would be nice to have sunshine, everyone would like that on their wedding day but it is not required to have a marquee. Thanks to modern companies who can supply ultra modern marquees it does not matter what the weather is like. The best way to imagine a marquee is to think of it as a temporary building, not as a tent. They can be constructed in a few hours and can now be fitted with features such as, central heating, windows, and separate kitchens and bathrooms. So basically what you are doing is creating your own venue for your wedding and/or reception. They can be constructed anywhere from in your garden, if it is big enough to part of a ruined building.

Choosing a marquee for your wedding allows you full control over everything from the decoration, the catering and style of your reception to the location that you choose to have it. All your guests will be in the one area and you can put your own individual stamp on your reception.

The costs for a marquee vary, for a good quality marquee for about 150 guests it will cost about £2000 + VAT. This includes construction, heating, lighting, linings, flooring, doors and dismantling. Costs will vary according to site access, marquee size, distance and slopes on site.