Wedding Photographer Organisations

These are organisations for full time, professional photographers. They are there to ensure the standards are up held and are professional bodies for the industry. They can also offer help when choosing a photographer. However regardless of a photographer being a member of an official organisation or not, always ask to see a sample of their work to ensure their style suits what your looking for.

The MPA (Master Photographers Association)

The Master Photographers Association is an internationally recognised organisation that offers training advice and awards for all categories of photography, including wedding. Its members are all bound by the association’s code of conduct, they all carry professional indemnity insurance and have to produce work to a certain professional standard as a condition of membership.

Tel: 01325 356 555

The BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography)

The British Institute of Professional Photography is one of the oldest organisations and acts as a professional training body; qualifications are set for photographers who then have to submit work to become members.

Tel: 01920 464 011

The GWP (Guild of Wedding Photographers)

The Guild of Wedding Photographers is another professional organisation, which acts as a training body and offers certificates for different degrees of skill.

Tel: 01225 760 088