Stag Night Planning

Planning a stag night for the night before your wedding is a very bad idea. Not only is this bad because it leaves no time for the groom or the rest of the wedding party to recover for the day, if it has been along the traditional alcohol fuelled lines, it also does not leave the groom any time for last minute arrangements that he may have. It is a better idea to have the stag day/night or weekend a good few weekends before the wedding, it is also a good idea to contact friends and family members who will be attending it, early on before they start booking holidays etc if it is during the summer.

Who should be included in your stag night? Well only the groom and best man can answer that. Fathers and older relatives may not be interested if it is too boisterous or activity based and may just be happy with a pint down the pub the night before the wedding (just one or two remember) Basically you can have anyone you want there from close friends to family.