Best Man’s Duties at a Wedding

It is the best mans job to:

  • Organise the stag night (preferably not for the night before the wedding).
  • Organise the Ushers on the Day.
  • Take groom’s going away clothes to the reception hall.
  • Supervise the issue of orders of service on the day.
  • Drive the groom to the church/venue.
  • Take charge of the ring and hand it to the Groom at the ceremony, or the minister depending on some religious ceremonies.
  • Organise transport for the guests from the church to the reception venue.
  • Liase with the Toastmaster i.e. on timing of speeches and cake cutting etc.

One of the most important jobs of the best man is the best man’s speech. He has to do a brief speech at the reception, where he thanks the groom for his toast to the bridesmaids and thanks the guests for coming and then reads out any cards or telegrams and also a toast to the happy couple.