Designer Wedding Dresses

Bespoke dresses

Don’t lose heart if you can’t find your perfect dress in the high street shops, why not think about having your dress designed? A great way to have a completely individual dress made especially for you.

Brides often fear this process, will be too time consuming but you will be delighted with the professional approach of a good designer and often just a few fittings are required after the main consultation.

  • Word of mouth is a reliable way of finding a good designer while many show their work at wedding shows and on extensive websites.
  • Ask to see a portfolio of their work when you visit and assess how well you get on with the individual – Communication is important.
  • Discuss your budget at the beginning and bear in mind that style aside, the choice of the fabric and the amount of detail – hence the time involved will affect the overall cost.
  • A dress designer will require ample notice (6 months or more).

Having a dress designed means it is especially for you and you can have exactly what you want. Often brides like different parts of dresses, but can’t find one that incorporates all her expectations.

At the beginning of the design process the bride usually describes to the designer what she is looking for and on this basis sketches are produced for a variety of ideas and different fabrics are sourced. After a discussion the bride takes the fabrics away and looks at them herself and then returns for further discussion. The dress is chosen from there and a ‘shape’ is made to allow the bride to see how it will look before the actual fabric is cut and the making begins.

Whatever decision you make it is important to feel fabulous and comfortable and just to enjoy your day.