Wedding Speeches

Speeches should be kept brief and to the point, you do not want your guests getting bored. They should also be sincere and a good joke or two always goes down well. Any embarrassing stories of either the bride or groom should be for the stag and hen night not for the reception. It will not be received well at all by the bride or groom. Also any lengthy history stories of the bride or grooms childhood will only be boring.

Wedding Speech Order

The first speaker should be the bride’s father or an old family friend; they should propose a toast to the health of the newly married couple. It is not uncommon for the bride to give a speech at this point also, but most brides prefer not too. The Groom is normally next to give a speech. He should thank the bride’s parents for the wedding (this can be changed discreetly if his parents also contributed or if they paid themselves). He should also thank the guests for their lovely gifts and then propose a toast to the attendants. It is now time for the Best Man’s speech, in this he basically replies on the guests behalf and reads out any cards or messages.