Wedding Dress Fabric

As equally important as the shape and style of your dress is the fabric it is made from, here is a selection of the most popular wedding dress fabrics

Dupion Silk is a textured fabric with tiny natural flaws across its surface. When lined with satin, it gives structural shape with a touch of extravagance.

Thai Silk has a smooth flat appearance and is often used for dresses that require a firm fabric to provide structure as it has a stiff papery feel. Yet it drapes naturally from the body and is ideal for trains.

Silk Crepe is a popular choice for bias cut designs, as it is a fluid springy fabric that follows every contour. As the fibres have been twisted closely together the fabric appears crinkled and puckered. Also bear in mind that some silk crepes are sensitive to water and can be marked easily.

Duchess Satin is a glamorous, versatile fabric, which can be made from pure silk. Many designers favour it because of its versatility and structure.

Organza is often chosen for wraps or fuller skirts with many layers. Its stiff rigid quality creates volume when a semi opaque look is desired.

Chiffon is a very fine, plainly woven silk. A light, feminine fabric with a loose structure ideal for an overskirt.

Tulle is an extremely fine delicate fabric. Man made tulle is popularly used for bridal wear, as the silk version, though softer, is far more expensive.