UK Stag Weekend Ideas

You do not have to leave the UK there are many places to go here end it may work out slightly cheaper. You could go for a weekend to Blackpool, where you could go to the shows during the day and there are a selection of clubs, pubs and casinos to choose from for at night.

You could go into the centre of London where there is plenty for you to do. You can go to the theatre, museums and at night there is a large selection of clubs and pubs to choose from.

Other suggestions are Alton Towers for a thrilling, exciting stag day/night or weekend, The Lake District or Centre Parks for a calming, relaxing time and some excitement from the water sports, Perhaps Edinburgh for a good night life and culture, or you could book into one of the number of caravan sites that exist up and down the UK. Or maybe you would prefer to spend a day with your stag party doing some sort of team activity. There are many things you can do now from paintball and water sports to tank driving, SAS training and fire-fighter courses. The difference with these sorts of stag days is that no alcohol is involved for safety reasons, of course that’s not to say you could not spend a day doing something like this and then go out at night for the more traditional getting drunk if you want this.