What you need to know about Wedding Photography

(Wedding Photography Tips)

Once you have decided on what styles you like and you have found the perfect photographer you need to know that there are 3 more very important factors that must be carefully considered. Without doing so you won’t achieve the best possible album for your wedding and after spending a lot of time and money on finding the perfect photographer, this would be a disaster. So what are the all important factors?

First of all you’ll need to think about the location. Most venues are able to provide what they think is a good backdrop for your photographs but your photographer is the best judge of whether the location would be effective or not. Its helpful if natural shade is provided for strong sunlight or if there is an undercover alternative such as a conservatory or a summerhouse. If your venue doesn’t offer the perfect location then your photographer should be able to advise you on the best local spots for wedding photography. It is important to trust your photographer as they are trained and experienced professionals and only they can visualise the end product realistically. An image may look great to you in real life but the lighting conditions could make it an impossible scene to photograph.

Next you’ll need to think about the timing of your day. If you are being married at 3pm for instance most of your posed photographs will be taken around 4pm. This is fine if you are having a summer wedding but if you are being married in the middle of November the photographer will have problems trying to take pictures in semi darkness. Speak to your photographer about this before hand and a solution might be to have your ceremony earlier in the day or you could arrange to have your photographs taken inside where the time will be less relevant. Remember that if you choose to do this then you will have to sacrifice some shots such as the obligatory kissing under a tree. Fear not there will no doubt be a fire place to act as a substitute!

The third and most important factor is you – the Bride and Groom. Without a good relationship between you and the photographer your photographs will suffer. You will need to listen and trust their advice before and during the day. A good wedding album is the result of a couple having taken on board some advice from their chosen photographer. A great wedding album involves listening to the advice and acting on it. The best wedding pictures aren’t simply about money they’re about getting involved in the photography process and most importantly having a great time on the day. Easier said than done? If you are one of many people who dread the prospect of having their photo taken don’t panic! Professional photographers are experts at getting people to relax in front of the camera, speak to them about it and they will find a way that works for you both. Some will arrange an informal studio shoot a week or so before the wedding in order to make you relax and feel more comfortable in front of a camera. You never know you might even get to like it, the difference will be seen plainly in the photographs.