Father of the Bride Duties

You father’s most important duty is walking you down the aisle and his speech at the reception. You travel to the church/venue in a car (or whatever your choice of transport is) with your father. Once you arrive at the church/venue you will probably have pictures taken coming out of the car with your father and then outside the church/venue. Then you will proceed in the procession with the minister first, then you on your fathers right arm, followed by your attendants. Depending on what kind of service you are having your father may give your hand to the groom or in some cases the minister.

The second important task for your father will be planning his speech for the reception. The father of the bride’s speech is first and he should thank the groom’s parents and the guests for coming and do a toast to the health and happiness of the newly married couple. A few things for your father to remember for his speech are, one or two jokes will go down well and also if he wants to mention your childhood he should keep it brief, a lengthy account of your childhood history will only serve to bore the guests. If there is anything in particular that you would find embarrassing then say to him, he would rather make you happy than embarrass you.