Mother’s Duties at a Wedding

When you start to set your wedding plans in motion it is a good idea to sit down with your mum and decide who is going to organise what, so that she is then given some tasks to do. This way you get help, so all the planning is not down to just you and also your mum feels happy to be involved and to be helping. Obviously there is a fine line, and even with the best intentions your mum may start to try and impose her own ideas on you. If this is the case then just sit down and talk about what you want for your special day and why. But make sure you are listening to her ideas because after all two or three minds are better than one.

There are not really any set duties for the mother of the bride like there are for the father, or the best man. She basically helps you out in as much or as little as you like. Mums are often helpful in the choosing of the wedding stationery, as the groom does not tend to be interested in this sort of thing, the same goes for the flower arrangements and bouquets for you and the bridesmaids. When choosing your wedding dress it is helpful to have your mum there as well as you bridesmaids to give a woman’s opinion on how you look in different styles. This is a really big decision and if you did not invite your mum she would be likely to be hurt anyway. You could arrange visits with your mum to wedding shows and exhibitions, as your groom is unlikely to be interested in attending these. Having help from your mum in planning your wedding is great and you should enjoy this time because she certainly will.