Mother of the Bride Outfits

The mum to be will be a real focus of attention on the day as well as the bride and groom, and her outfit will no doubt be commented upon, especially if she has chosen well. It is important that your mum chooses an outfit that will compliment and flatter her shape and also that she feels comfortable in. Specialist mother of the bride shops can be found through many wedding sources, like magazines, websites, wedding shows and of course through family and friends.

Important things to consider when buying your mothers outfit are, how the outfit will look along side those of other bridal party members. A clash in colour between your mum’s outfit and the colour of the bridesmaid dresses may not look so good in your photos. Your mum should stand out in the crowd but not in a bad way, in an elegant, unforced way. Another very important point is to talk to the mother of the groom, to find out what she is planning to wear. A mother of the bride’s worst nightmare is turning up at the wedding in the same colour or outfit as the groom’s mother. Make sure when you talk to her that it does not sound like a decision is being forced on her. Normally whoever has bought their outfit first just phones up the other as soon as possible to let her know. Once the outfit is bought remind your mum to keep the receipt in case she changes her mind closer to the time, or any alterations have to be made.

Mother-of-the-bride outfits are really wide ranging in styles. You can choose from flattering separates such as trouser suits, perhaps teamed with a delicate camisole, or a long over jacket can look dramatic with an elegant tapered skirt and shimmering top. You could also think shawls, and wraps which would work beautifully especially in a summer wedding. If your mum is small some flowing lengths of fabric will simply overwhelm her. There are so many different ranges of colours and fabrics to choose from, so make sure your mum takes time to think about what colour compliments her best and what fabrics she will feel comfortable and elegant in.

If your mum cant find anything she likes then she could have an outfit specially made. Bridal dress designers often offer a mother-of-the-bride service, the cost of which is best made worthwhile with a design that can be worn again. There are also lots of gorgeous accessories to choose from. There are bags, shoes, jewellery, and of course hats for your mum to accessorise her perfect outfit with. A good designer or shop attendant will be able to advise on the best and most flattering accessories for the chosen outfit. Not all mums wish to wear a hat, not everyone suits them. However there are so many styles to choose from that often a good shop attendant will be able to help pick out one that will suit your face shape and hairstyle. Although if you are not used to wearing hats you may feel a bit uncomfortable when you fist put it on this is just unfamiliarity and one you get used to the shape it will all become more pleasant. If she definitely does not want to wear a hat you could show her some beautiful floral accessories or hair jewels as stylish alternatives.