Your Body Shape

As you will already know your shape is also very important when choosing your dress and when you go shopping concentrate on finding a style that suits your body shape as it is, future fittings will accommodate weight fluctuations. Here are a few guidelines for choosing a dress to suit your shape.

Boyish Athletic Figure
Go for a simple and feminine dress that gives curves where you want them, a corset top and full skirt adds a waist and bust shape. High necklines and wide straps will soften and hide broad shoulders.

Fish tails are great for a shapely silhouette, fanning out from the knee although beware; the style can draw attention to a larger bottom.

Go for simplicity, you want to achieve a taller look so avoid waistlines which will cut you in half and shorten your legs. An empire line dress is an instant leg lengthener and sleek silhouette will elongate you. As if you need reminding wear heels!

A simple, elegant dress is sophisticated and stylish and a fuller skirt will add the element of width without volume but also balance out long limbs and avoid the beanpole effect.

Fuller Figure
Plus sizes should go for a shaped, lace up bodice, this will make the most of your curves. Pointed detail flattens the waist and streamlines hips while gorgeous sleeves will hide any bits you don’t want the world to see.

Top-heavy girls with slim hips should try styles with minimum shoulder details, simple sleeves and bodices that add width to the lower body. Avoid anything that accentuates the upper half such as plunging necklines and straight skirts.