Chief Bridesmaid Outfit

Some brides will know exactly what they want and so will just tell their chief bridesmaid and any additional bridesmaids exactly what to wear. Most however are more flexible and prefer the girls to have some input, after all it is better that they feel comfortable and can focus on their tasks for the day without worrying if their bra strap is showing or if they look too fat in the dress. Some brides will even leave the choice entirely up to the bridesmaid. Here are a few good pointers for before the shopping commences. It is a good idea to decide exactly who is paying for what, traditionally either the bride or her parents would pay for the dresses however nowadays it is not uncommon for the bridesmaid to contribute as often the dresses can be used again as evening gowns. Also have a budget decided to try and help you stay within your means, Budget to for shoes, accessories and headdresses. It helps if the bride has already chosen her dress because it helps to choose a dress that will compliment the leading lady. For example if the bride has chosen a dress that is very simple yet elegant in style then really flamboyant bridesmaid dresses are going to look out of place, it is important to follow a them so everything compliments each other. Colour is also another important factor to consider. The bride may have a set colour in mind however it might not suit all her bridesmaids skin tones or shapes. For example if one of the bridesmaids is slightly heavier than the others she may feel uncomfortable in a really light colour like gold, likewise someone who has very high colouring and perhaps blushes really easily would maybe not suit a red or burgundy coloured dress. It is important to consider the colour carefully for the comfort of your bridesmaids and for your photographs. If size were an issue with your bridesmaids perhaps it would be a good idea to consider each girl wearing an individual style that suits her shape, yet in matching colours.

You could also consider a dressmaker and have bridesmaid outfits made and tailored for each bridesmaid. A good dressmaker will be able to advice you on all different styles, not just dresses but skirts and bodices too or even sharp tailored suits. Hiring a dress is another option and with period dresses and antique gowns to choose from this could be a more economical approach.