The Wedding Flowers

You will probably rely a lot on your florist’s advice, as there are a huge variety of flowers to choose from. Remember to focus on the over all style – not just your flowers but how they will look with your dress and veil. It is important to choose your dress first and if possible take along a pictures and fabric swatches of both yours and the bridesmaid dresses. Your flowers are traditionally different from your bridesmaids but they should compliment each other and the dresses – not clash.

The shape of your dress is also important; a slim-line dress works well with structured or narrow trailing flowers, while A-line or full-skirted gowns are flattered by hand tied bouquets. If you have opted for a simple elegant dress you could set it off with either an informally arranged bouquet or make a statement with a single bloom. You should also think about the mood and season of your wedding, dark, romantic blooms such as deep red roses and luscious berries are great for winter weddings while in the summer months more delicate, pretty flowers in paler shades work well. Ask your florist about the scents of the flowers you choose, you don’t want anything overpowering, you might be holding them for quite a while on the day and nothing should ruin their beauty.

Many brides are influenced by the meanings of flowers when they are choosing their bouquet. Look at our list of meanings if you are looking for something symbolis for your bouquet. If you are trying to stick to a tight budget then be honest with your florist about what you want to spend they should be able to keep the costs down with out cutting down on quality. Stick to seasonal flowers, as out of season ones will have to be imported or grown in greenhouses so are generally more expensive. If there is a particular flower that you love but its proving to be particularly expensive use it sparingly perhaps only in the bridal bouquet. Another idea to save money is to use the ceremony flowers at the reception, put your bouquets on the top table as decorations. Also it has become quite popular for bridesmaids to carry a single bloom rather that an expensive posies.