Some Honeymoon Top Tips

It is important to always look at all the details before purchasing a holiday. For example the distance of the airport from the hotel, any connecting flights and flight durations.

If you will be flying during peak flight times like during school holidays then there may be extra flight supplements on short haul flights.

It is a good idea to take a small first aid kit with you to deal with any minor ailments such as small cuts, headaches or insect bites.

When deciding on spending money allow some extra cash for tipping. Although in some all-inclusive honeymoons they have no tipping policies.

Before going on your honeymoon check what the weather is like at the destination. You can do this on the Internet on certain sites. This will allow you to pack accordingly.

Remember that you will probably be exhausted after all the wedding planning and so although you may go somewhere that has lots of things to do, don’t go over the top when planning your itinerary as you will probably want to relax the first couple of days.